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Finding employees


Our company is founded on long-time experience in the area of Human Resources and an expertise in the job market. UNIWORKS regularly improve and enrich our services with new ideas and conclusions reached by experts in particular fields. This approach guarantees the highest professional level of our service and maximum gain for our customers.

We can offer you various levels of cooperation corresponding to your specific HR requirements.

Please choose the most convenient for you:


We supply qualified as well as auxiliary workers in all branches of industry. Our customers use this service particularly when they are unable to meet the demand caused by growth in production by themselves and require extra workers. This service can also be used for long-term purposes.


  • flexible and quick solution when you need to hire a more significant number of workers for a transitive period (we respect the requirements of our customers as for qualifications, expertise and experience of the workers required)
  • you will save a significant part of your cost for holiday compensation, sick pay and further labour costs.
  • We provide accommodation for workers supplied by us in the location of our customer’s company.
  • In case you are not satisfied with some our workers, we are able to substitute them efficiently.


When you need to hire a specialist and you are not sure if the applicant is suitable or you would simply like to have a longer probationary period, this service is for you. You can later directly employ workers already provided for you by our company as well.

Our company employs the chosen applicant as a temporary worker and after a specific period you can employ them yourselves.


  • A significant reduction of costs connected to seeking a suitable applicant (advertising, administrative burdens of going through application forms, feedback to unsuccessful candidates etc.)
  • the possibility to prolong the probationary period with minimal cost.
  • you recruit an employee, whose employment conditions are very clear and who is therefore motivated to do their best and get to know your company culture.



UNIWORKS offers you to search for and select the best applicants who meet your personnel requirements. We can prepare the job specifications and advertisement for you and test the candidates’ skills and competency. We are available to you for consultation throughout the recruiting process.


  • you have a choice from a larger pool of applicants.
  • UNIWORKS CB Ltd. provides guarantees for the selected applicants - a safeguard for their customers that the services we provide are of adequate quality.


UNIWORKS CB s.r.o. has already trade licences for technical fields of, e.g. mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and lumbering. That´s why we can offer you the type of contract, co called, Contract for work. This contract is more advantegeous for our client in some cases.


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